Sowing the Seeds of Intention

I have so much to share but I figured the best place to start is “Why The Gossamer Threads Project?” It all began at the Auckland Folk Festival after a midnight jam with some incredible NZ artists back in January 2020. I had recently been through a life changing event with my children losing their father. My son insisted I took the family camper van and I felt like I was 19 again heading off on an adventure with the whiff of diesel as I chugged north in a van I probably shouldn’t have been driving! I have always felt like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole but going to the festival I found my musical heart again. I was a bit out of date on the scene, so I was totally blown away at the quality and diversity that I experienced. Before I left the festival I spoke with one of the singers from the jam about my struggle to ‘fit in.’ I have this folk heart, soprano voice and cabaret career! She simply said “Be it all, don’t worry” and set me a challenge…. “We need more songs about women.” As I drove back to my son my creative brain fired up. Lyrics were flying out of my head and I had to keep recording them on my phone. I love these recordings as you can hear the van rattling and the engine humming. I made a deal with myself that I would write a collection of songs to celebrate my 50th year on this planet, so I had the deadline of my birthday in December in my head. The big difference this time was I wasn’t thinking commercially, I am firstly writing them for me with the hope that others will enjoy them or I may be able to perform them. To cut a long story short I returned to the UK in February and started the treadmill again…. then Covid struck and I lost pretty much all my work. If there was a time to really take on this project it was now. Previously song writing was something that just happened once in a blue moon. Before I took up the harp it was difficult to say the least as I don’t play guitar or piano so I was reliant on others. The harp has opened up a big beautiful world and is a perfect fit for me. One of my songs is called ‘Gossamer Threads.’ It celebrates my beautiful soul sisters I have made on my journey. To be honest I couldn’t have coped so well with the challenges before me without my New Zealand sisters. Like magic they found me, held me, fed me, encouraged me and listened. Now back in the UK I still feel their love….. those “gossamer threads weave through the sky.” Now I am moving towards a recording date and I am looking for a home to place my songs. They don’t fit under my Forget-Me-Not banner and I have let my soprano site go. Taking the song title ‘Gossamer Threads’ suddenly felt the natural choice and by going under a project title it is ongoing and so much more. This umbrella brings together all the things I have already been doing but now I am putting forward the idea this may be a new way of working not only on my own but with others. Music, visuals, collaboration, events, skill sharing….. It’s endless. Connection is at the heart. I see this page as a holding space for those magic threads to weave. Thank you for the big read. I promise my posts won’t all be this long!

Gossamer Threads

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