On Reflection

Last December I had a special birthday and I was lucky enough to just slip in a magical walk on the Downs with my daughter and close friends. As there was the rule of six it was vastly different to the imagined ‘party’ I was going to have. Looking back half a year on I am filled with gratitude for this beautiful adventure. Wild winds, winter sunshine, hot coffee and cinnamon buns, sitting on a hill looking out to sea taking a pause from the Christmas chaos.

Following is poem I wrote after a magical moment during our walk. A single feather drifted down from high above and stopped us in our tracks. Looking back there must have been a drop in the wind for it to descend with such grace. My friend ran after the feather and bestowed it to me, I took it home and memorialised it by pressing it into clay and burnishing it with gold. I then wrapped the feathers in the poem and gave each one of my birthday team a memento of the experience.

It’s been lovely to take this moment to reflect. The laughter, camaraderie, the feeling of specialness reverberates in my soul.

Gifts are all around if you are willing to receive them. Capture them, let the pleasure radiate ❤️

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