From music making in nature, learning how to make sourdough, stories by the fireside to dancing your inner dance The Gossamer Threads Project wants to offer the opportunity to explore and deepen your connections to nature and to each other through creativity.

The Gossamer Threads Project has many friends and wonderful practitioners who are excited to reach out a hand to you and offer a pause to nourish, re-energise and experience a little magic.

To see an aura of wonderment as they watched the harp concert among the ancient beams. The sweet scent of summer roses in the candlelight, the deep connection we felt to the music and each other was a moment to be cherished and the reason why I’m inspired to find ways to let the magic radiate.

My ambition is to host and organise events under The Gossamer Threads Project umbrella. With my hospitality management background and extensive experience in managing my own events I now wish to share my skills, facilitate or hold the space for others.

To host your own private Gossamer Threads event please get in touch and let’s create some magic!

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