Breadtime Stories for Hungry Souls

Photo by David Pickens

Duration 1hr

Once upon a time there was a woman who fell so deeply in love with baking bread that  hands and heart were not content to simply create her loaves. Like the wild yeast in her starter, her passion bubbled, expanded, spilling out into her songs, her dreaming and her telling of tales. With patience, nurture and wholesome ingredients Breadtime Stories began to rise.

Come to the table and share my bread. The dough I have nurtured; the starter I fed. We bakers are bound by the miracle of yeast, each day with our bread is a right royal feast.

Breadtime Stories for Hungry Souls is a joyous celebration of a time honoured alchemy from earth to table, the breaking of bread, the meeting of the ancient with the now. Like the taste of a fresh loaf this recipe of storytelling, songs and harp will nourish and enliven the soul.

Baker’s Song by Sharon Elizabeth

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