The discipline of the postcard is a short distilled message that lands on your doorstep and brings a “hello, I’m thinking of you.”

I think back so fondly on the sending and receiving of these little hellos and points of connection. My postcards are a modern take on this tradition. By making them 60 seconds (plus a wee moment to read the text) they too are a distilled account of events that happen to me in my daily life. The beauty of sending via email and social media is I can bring them to life both visually and aurally. They allow me to create in a way I’ve never been able to express before. I record films on my phone and create the music in my home studio playing the harp and flute, singing and using found sounds. I embrace the limitations of my resources – I love the fact they are wobbly, not polished and DIY! I am on a very new journey with recording having just completed HRA for women.

My intention is to create a little moment of calm, humour or joy to radiate out into the world to where it is needed.

You may view all my Postcard Series on The Gossamer Threads YouTube Channel